Illuminated Signage


We have been producing signage for over 20 years, building a reputation for the innovation and quality of our products as well as the high level of service we provide.

Many of the signs we create are illuminated to ensure that they are visible and generating you a better return for your money. Illumination of a sign can be achieved in many ways to create visually stunning features, many of which are now created using low voltage LED lighting.


Our Design Team can help create a sign to suit your requirements, manufactured to any size and from virtually any material.

Light Control


Our illuminated signs are supplied with some form of control device.


Timer plugs are still the most popular choice as they give you full control over when the lighting is on, however automatic light sensors can be supplied.

Running Costs


Low voltage LED lighting means low running costs and low maintenance.

Back Illuminated


Illumination from behind the signage to illuminate the panel or lettering.

Front Illuminated


Subtle down lighting fitted above sign panels or flood lights directed upwards.

Halo Illuminated


LED illumination face mounted to letters and logos for brightness.

Halo Illuminated


Subtle LED illumination behind the lettering, logos and clock chapters.

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