Flat and Built-up Lettering


Signage can be created in many ways. The most common is vinyl lettering applied to a substrate such as foam pvc, acrylic or dibond which is a composite material. Vinyls are produced in solid colours but where required they can be digitally printed to reproduce stunning clipart, toned and photographic images.


For that little something extra lettering and logos can be embellished with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf, cut out of a material such as aluminium to allow for spacing off a wall creating decorative shadows, or for the ultimate impact they can be built up into three dimensional forms.


Illumination can be used in nearly all instances to ensure the signage stands out in any light.



The illumination of your signage can be achieved in many ways and depends on the type of sign lettering you opt for.


Vinyl lettering and logos can be cut from or printed on translucent vinyl and applied to acrylic for illumination from the rear.


Flat cut and built-up lettering can be full face illuminated from the rear, halo edge illuminated or be fitted with LED's on the face for impact.



Self adhesive vinyl 64 microns thick. Can be cut in solid colours or full colour printed.



Hand gilded with 23 1/2 carat double thick gold leaf.

Flat Cut


CNC or laser cut in an array of materials including wood, perspex and metals.



Built-up lettering produced in wood, perspex and metal or mould in perspex.

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